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Should I Speak to the Truck Driving Company After an Accident?

Trucking accident in FloridaAfter a serious Trucking accident in Florida, you may be confused by all of the different individuals who wish to speak to you and have you file a report. Some of these requests are certainly ordinary, such as a police officer at the scene of the accident who wants to record your version of events.

It is strongly recommended that you provide your insight to a police officer at the scene while the details of the accident are still fresh in your mind. However, where it becomes especially confusing after a trucking accident is whether or not you should provide information to or sign documents provided to you by the truck driving company.

Since trucking accidents are all too common not just in Florida but elsewhere around the United States, many trucking companies are familiar with handling these allegations and claims. As a result, they probably have a specific process is about investigating trucking accidents as well as how to handle legal claims for personal injury.

Most of the time, these trucking companies also have experience personal injury representation to look out for their best interest. Likewise, you need someone advocating for your best interest when you have sustained injuries in the trucking accident.

This is why it is not a good idea to speak to the truck driving company or their insurance company representative until you have had an opportunity to speak to your own attorney.

Over the course of a trucking accident claim in Florida, the only person who may be looking out for you is your personal injury attorney. Although the insurance companies have a duty to investigate the accident and to handle any claims have been filed, frequently their best employees will be working to minimize the damage for the insurance company.

This might even mean minimizing the extent of your injuries were arguing that you are in some way at fault for the accident. If attempting to handle a personal injury claim on your own, the discovery of this type of situation can be overwhelming and extremely frustrating.

The good news is that you can avoid unfortunate situations like this by speaking directly with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the trucking accident occurs.

In this situation, if the insurance company or the truck driving company attempts to allege that you are not telling the truth or in the event that they try to minimize the extent of your injuries, your personal injury lawyer can work hard to illustrate your case.

With the help of your experienced attorney, you may be able to resolve any legal claims outside of court. However, you are not obligated to speak to the truck driving company or their insurance company unless you have had the opportunity to talk directly to the lawyer.

If statements are furnished to you and the company request that you signed them, you should always pass this on to your attorney first to ensure that this is in your best interests.

Any statements are claims to make on these official forms could be used against you, so it’s always something that you want to have reviewed carefully plan eligible attorney first.

If you are not able to achieve a resolution for the case after speaking with a knowledgeable lawyer and working towards that on there, you need to prepare to have your case go into litigation.

It is not a bad thing if you are attempting to appear cooperative with the truck driving company or the insurance company, but you should not consider these individuals your friends if you have filed a legal personal injury claim.

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It is the job of the insurance company in the truck driving company to investigate all potential issues that could minimize their own liability. This includes getting you to sign paperwork or make statements that could in any way indicate they are not responsible for the accident.

Given that you may be relying entirely on compensation received from your personal injury claim to recover after a severe Trucking accident, it is better to avoid doing anything that could compromise the Integrity of your claim. Get help from a trucking accident lawyer today.

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Truckers and trucking companies must adhere to both federal and state guidelines concerning size, weight, and maintenance of all vehicles before delivering goods in order to help keep our roads safe.


Truck accidents happen every day in the state of Florida. Driver error is among the top reasons and causes of truck accidents. The more fatigued truck drivers on our roads, the more truck accidents happen.


If you were involved in a truck accident, and suffered serious injuries, then you need legal representation. There are many factors to investigate while preparing a personal injury case. Never try to tackle your truck accident on your own.

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We all have busy lives. We are always on the go. Every day our roadways are filled with cars and trucks, rushing to their destinations.

How often is driver error the cause of a truck accident? Over the years, the legal team at Fetterman & Associates has found that many serious commercial truck accident cases are caused by driver error.