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Rural Roads Truck Accidents

beautiful sun rising sky with asphalt highways road in rural scene use land transport and traveling background,backdropWhile interstates are certainly heavily traveled, especially for truckers, they are certainly not the only roadways where you can find large trucks. Sometimes large trucks are forced to use more rural routes to get to their drop off or pick up locations.

Trucks on these roads can be particularly dangerous simply because these roads are not as large or as heavily traveled as interstates or other major highways, and therefore aren’t typically built to sustain heavy traffic. Road conditions and the lack of immediate help or other travelers can all be serious problems in accidents that occur on rural routes.

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Accidents in Rural Areas

Rural road collisions can be some of the most serious because they are often the result of carelessness at high speeds. Unlike the interstate, head-on collisions are far more common.

When trucks are involved in accidents, they are likely to be more severe. This can be an issue in more remote locations because help cannot arrive fast enough to tend to serious injuries. The result may include increased fatalities and permanent injuries such as brain damage or paralysis.

Excessive speed, confusion, and distraction are all common causes of accidents that occur on more rural routes. Some truck drivers might even be confused due to the unfamiliar roads in the area, traffic laws in a particular community, or road conditions such as dips, large potholes, or construction areas.

Rural Route Accident Statistics

Although less traveled rural routes may appear safer, believe it or not more Americans die on rural highways than on interstates, freeways, and urban streets. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drivers are 2.5 times more likely to die on rural roads per mile traveled compared to urban highways. Interestingly, urban drivers often drive up to twice as many miles as rural drivers, but only account for about half of the total number of accidents.

In any given year, over half of all traffic fatalities occur in rural areas. This is notable because only about 23 percent of the nation’s population resides in rural areas. In fact, in some states, approximately 90 percent of all highway deaths occur in what most would consider a rural area.

Causes of Accidents on Rural Roads

There are several reasons why fatalities are increased on rural roads, including:

  • Higher rates of speed
  • Less likelihood of wearing a seatbelt
  • Increased likelihood of driving while intoxicated
  • Increased occurrence of accidents that involve wild animals such as deer
  • Design of rural highways compared to urban roads

Rural Routes – Narrow Roads for Wide Loads

There is very little room for error on highway roads compared to urban roads. For example, ditches are often much deeper and shoulders are sometimes nonexistent in some areas. Trees and other natural hazards are much closer to the road in rural areas as well. The lanes are also much narrower compared to the interstate, which can be a real problem for large trucks.

Rural roads are also less likely to be policed as heavily as interstates. For trucks, this may mean that they are more likely to drive with weight or size violations without interference. This can be a danger to everyone on the road, including the truck driver.

Because the truck driver may also be near his or her destination, they may also be more likely to drive “just a little farther” even though they are fatigued or otherwise impaired. Truck malfunctions that involve lighting can be particularly hazardous on rural roads that may be otherwise unoccupied and not well lit.

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Truckers and trucking companies must adhere to both federal and state guidelines concerning size, weight, and maintenance of all vehicles before delivering goods in order to help keep our roads safe.


Truck accidents happen every day in the state of Florida. Driver error is among the top reasons and causes of truck accidents. The more fatigued truck drivers on our roads, the more truck accidents happen.


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We all have busy lives. We are always on the go. Every day our roadways are filled with cars and trucks, rushing to their destinations.

How often is driver error the cause of a truck accident? Over the years, the legal team at Fetterman & Associates has found that many serious commercial truck accident cases are caused by driver error.