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How Technology is Changing the Trucking Industry

Truck Accident LawyerTechnology is in nearly every sphere of our everyday lives from how we bank to how we interact with family across oceans. Technology also now plays a larger role than ever in how we work. This is also true for the commercial trucking industry. Many of the advances in technology currently used in the commercial trucking field benefit consumers and companies as well as the environment.

Some of the environmental benefits include weighing stations, a common sight if you’ve ever traveled the highways in Florida, which helps to reduce the wear on roads and bridges as well as limit the emissions that add to pollution in the air.

There are also a number of commercial trucking organizations that are actively seeking to drastically reduce the amount of emissions put out by the vehicles (commercial diesel emissions emit as much pollution as dozens of cars) by incorporating hybrid technology into the vehicles.

The weigh stations, as well as the hybrid technology being introduced in the field, not only help to limit the environmental impact of these large machines, these advances also increase the performance of those trucks as well to the benefit of companies and consumers alike.

Technology that adds to consumer safety includes speed limiters and electronic logging devices. Speed limiters are exactly that—a built-in system that limits the vehicles speed and prohibits the driver from exceeding the pre-set speed limit.

Ideally, this type of system should decrease the amount of commercial truck related accidents on Florida roadways, but speed, while a common factor in serious collisions is not always the most dangerous aspect of traveling alongside commercial trucking rigs on the highway.

In recent years there have been a number of high-profile collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles resulting in serious injury, and in some instances, death that have been attributed to driver fatigue on the highway.

Technology offers hope to reduce the amount of sleep-related crashes with the advent of electronic logging devices. These systems require drivers to log in and log out to track the number of services hours for the driver. This is meant to help ensure drivers are not operating a commercial vehicle outside of the legally allowed hours.

Pressure from operators can make drivers force themselves to stay awake and on the road for longer periods of time than is safe for normal operation. Fatigued drivers are impaired in many of the ways inebriated drivers are with slower reaction times, decreased judgment, and reckless driving.

Despite these dangers for the general public who share the roadways, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers’ Association has filed suit in Federal Court to strike down rules requiring use of electronic logging devices citing Fourth Amendment and claiming there is no clear safety benefit.

This attitude of business over safety is characteristic of the tactics used by the industry when faced with a personal injury suit. Typical of the industry, trucking companies will use tricks and tactics specifically to frustrate your case while relieving them of liability for the injuries their drivers cause.

At a time where there is question as to fault and causation it is important to retain a qualified truck accident lawyer to represent your claims and advocate for your interests.

Technology in the commercial trucking industry can go a long way toward protecting the public and environment, but as the above example demonstrates it is an industry that is actively trying to limit the safety regulations for their field.

It is clear that owner-operators have only business interests at heart and this stubborn resistance to any beneficial regulation is just an example of the resources they have available to do so.

New uses of technology in the commercial trucking field are helpful to reduce emissions and decrease wear and tear on public roads, and they can also be helpful in making the practice safer for families and motorists who share those roads.

Yet, despite these helpful advances, industry push-back is making it more difficult to ensure drivers are operating their vehicles in a manner that is safe.

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Truckers and trucking companies must adhere to both federal and state guidelines concerning size, weight, and maintenance of all vehicles before delivering goods in order to help keep our roads safe.


Truck accidents happen every day in the state of Florida. Driver error is among the top reasons and causes of truck accidents. The more fatigued truck drivers on our roads, the more truck accidents happen.


If you were involved in a truck accident, and suffered serious injuries, then you need legal representation. There are many factors to investigate while preparing a personal injury case. Never try to tackle your truck accident on your own.

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